Merative ™ Social Program Management 8.0.2 is now available

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Merative Social Program Management is a leading solution for supporting the end-to-end social program and care coordination service delivery process. Merative Social Program Management 8.0.2 includes key enhancements to help citizens, caseworkers, and developers.


Merative Social Program Management 8.0.2 key enhancements

Citizen productivity

Citizen self-service has been enhanced through the redesign of how payment information is displayed in the citizen portal. Citizens can now easily view their expected next benefit payment and any previous payments, and an indicator informs citizens if their payments have been adjusted. Payment questions are some of the most common questions that caseworkers receive, so the redesign aims to empower citizens to get answers to their questions easily without needing to call the agency.

Caseworker productivity

Multilingual caseworkers can dynamically change the language in which the Social Program Management user interface is displayed. Therefore, caseworkers are not slowed down by the need to translate when speaking with a citizen in their preferred language.

Displaying the user interface in the citizen's language removes the cognitive load that is imposed on caseworkers if they must translate. It also promotes a good flow of communication because the language that is displayed in the user interface matches the language that caseworkers use verbally with the citizen.

Expanding the number of available languages provides customers with the option to support multilingual caseworkers and the diverse populations that they serve.

Developer productivity

New documentation has been provided to support developers who might need to implement multifactor authentication for the caseworker application. The new documentation provides a step-by-step guide to using Merative Security Verify Access (ISVA) along with single sign-on (SSO).

The REST documentation has been extended to document how developers can create outbound REST APIs. Developers can use outbound REST API requests to integrate Social Program Management with external applications that expose a REST API.

For more information about release features, see what's new in the product documentation and the release notes. For more information about the Universal Access Responsive Web Application, see What's new and release notes for Universal Access.

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