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Merative Social Program Management is a leading solution for supporting the end-to-end social program and care coordination service delivery process. Merative Social Program Management 8.0.1 includes key enhancements to help caseworkers, developers and citizens.





Merative Social Program Management 8.0.1 key enhancements


Improve caseworker satisfaction and efficiency


  • The caseworker will find it easier to read and enter  data in Social Program Management, through refined modals and dropdowns.
  • The caseworker will retrieve consistent, reliable evidence information.


Modal sizing has been improved so that content is presented to caseworkers in an appropriately sized modal, which improves readability and satisfaction based on recommended practice from Carbon Design System. Dropdown usability has also been improved for faster data entry. Now, when caseworkers type text to search a dropdown list, the values are filtered instead of highlighted, so that caseworkers can tab to select a value without an additional click. Finally, it's now easier for caseworkers to understand evidence through a consistent view of the history of changes to evidence, regardless of where in the application evidence is being viewed and which users performed each action on the evidence.


Improve developer satisfaction and reduce time on task


  • Expose the Carbon infrastructure within Social Program Management to enable developers to compliantly develop a rich user experience for customers, with a quicker turnaround time
  • Make available sample content for a citizen virtual assistant, that supports citizens in finding answers to frequently asked questions.


Carbon is now supported with additional open-source technology that includes Apollo Client and GraphQL. The result is a lightweight development environment with a modern technology stack, and a quick turnaround time for developing a new user interface. Developers can quickly and iteratively provide a modern look and feel by using the latest front-end tools and libraries, without having Social Program Management development knowledge.


 Improved citizen productivity 


  • Sample content for a citizen virtual assistant is now available to support citizens in finding answers to their frequently asked questions


Sample content for a citizen virtual assistant is now available in an open-source GitHub repository. The content is based around using the Merative Watson Assistant as a citizen virtual assistant to support users in finding answers to their frequently asked questions. The citizen virtual assistant can provide instant support when needed, which saves the user time searching for guidance and speeds up the process of finding specific information.

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