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The Merative™ Social Program Management “configure” command line target does not configure the JDBC connection correctly between Oracle Database and IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Fix Packs and or later.





In IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and and later fix pack releases, a change has been made to the templates that can be used to configure JDBC connections. This change now specifies a later version of the Oracle driver (ojdbc8.jar) in the template context used for configuring Oracle JDBC connections.

Social Program Management provides a “configure” target that can be used to configure the application server before the application is deployed. This target uses these WAS templates when configuring the JDBC connection to be used between the application server and the database.

This target, when used against these versions of WAS, now configures the JDBC connection incorrectly as the version of the Oracle driver shipped with Social Program Management is ojdbc6.jar (and not ojdbc8.jar). Although the “configure” target will run to completion, the targets to deploy the application will subsequently fail, as the JDBC connection configuration has not been set up correctly.

If this target is still required to be run against these versions of WAS, it is recommended to address the issue by manually editing the JDBC connection configuration using the WAS administration console. For more information, see "Configure an Oracle Database data source" in the Deploying on IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Guide . That is, review the Classpath and ensure the ORACLE_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH environment variable is correct. For version ojdbc6.jar of the Oracle driver, this must be the following syntax:


This issue only applies to the following middleware combinations and versions:

Application ServerDatabase
WAS (and later fix packs)Oracle 12.1
WAS (and later fix packs)Oracle 12.2
WAS (and later fix packs)
Oracle 12.1
WAS (and later fix packs)
Oracle 12.2

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25 September 2022