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Announcing removal of Dynamic Evidence Corrections feature introduced in





In Merative ™ Social Program Management version, a feature was delivered where a new action was added to the Dynamic Evidence editor to provide the ability to correct dynamic evidence configurations. The purpose of the feature was to provide a mechanism to correct evidence attribute descriptions, to support correction of misspellings in the original dynamic evidence type and also to support the ability to change a label text where caseworkers may prefer an alternative label name that is more intuitive to them.

This tech note is to inform customers that the feature released in to correct dynamic evidence configurations should not be used since the feature is being removed from the product. This is being done as further internal testing identified that in certain circumstances correcting dynamic evidence impacted the evidence in existence based on this dynamic evidence configuration. Following correction of the dynamic evidence configuration the evidence resulted in failures to eligibility and entitlement calculations.

An alternative solution is being considered but no release time frame can be determined at this stage. This notification will be updated when plans are firmed up.

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25 September 2022