Social program management

Strengthen connections to care by modernizing social services delivery.

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Social program management is about putting people first.

Here’s how we help deliver on this promise to over 70 million people around the world.

Proactive, personalized engagement

Identify and connect at-risk individuals to services through personalized, automated outreach.

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Modern, efficient care experiences

Make it easier for people to access health and social programs – and for your staff to administer them.

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Deep, cross-industry expertise

Benefit from a fast, thoughtful deployment informed by five decades of experience serving governments.

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See how Merative Social Program Management can help your organization


Explore how we can help health and human services agencies.

Government agencies

Prevent vulnerable populations from falling through the cracks by proactively connecting them to health and social care.

Healthcare providers

Drive better health outcomes with automated, evidence-based outreach to rising-risk patients.

Community-based organizations

Advance health equity by identifying social risk factors for children, adults and families in real-time.


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