AI partner ecosystem and workflow management

A diverse selection of AI applications cultivated through partnerships and industry collaborations.


Access leading imaging AI applications from a single trusted source

Merge is your partner in offering a curated selection of market-leading AI applications that can be deployed in whatever manner your organization requires, whether on-premise, in the cloud, or some combination of both.

Backed by a 30-year track record of success in imaging technologies, Merge is helping healthcare providers adopt and implement the AI applications that are best suited to their needs.


years track record of success in imaging tech


Merge’s approach to AI partnerships

An ecosystem of proven developers

Take your pick of regulatory-cleared, specialized algorithms from a cultivated ecosystem of proven AI developer partners. Choose from Breast Imaging, Neurology, Thoracic, Musculoskeletal, and Triage AI applications to enhance image analysis and improve confidence in diagnoses – whichever deployment best fits your needs.

Merge continuously investigates and evaluates AI technologies that can help enhance clinical workflows. As the landscape of healthcare AI expands, we will continue building an ecosystem that partners with the best of proven AI developers creating new offerings.

Orchestrating AI applications

For imaging organizations looking for a strategic approach to deploying AI at scale, Merge has developed a platform approach to simplify the deployment, management, and coordination of AI applications.

Merge Imaging Suite offers a cloud-based AI orchestration module to standardize the delivery of AI insights to reading clinicians. Delivered with the Merge enterprise worklist solution, called Merge Workflow Orchestrator, the AI orchestration module works through a single gateway to route medical images to the correct AI algorithms hosted and managed by Merge.

Processing statuses are sent automatically from the AI applications to worklist columns. When AI results are ready for viewing, the worklist status changes and flags urgent items that may need immediate attention. The columns and status messages can be configured to meet each organization’s specific needs, terminologies, and workflows.

Our trusted AI partners

Merative AI Partners Catalog

Breast imaging

  • Koios
  • Lunit
  • Therapixel


  • AZMed
  • Smart Soft


  • Combinostics


  • Contextflow
  • Lunit
  • Riverain
  • VIDA

Triage, Neuro

  • Circle Cardiovascular


  • Aidoc


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Benefits of cloud and AI in medical imaging

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the ability to efficiently manage and analyze medical imaging data is crucial for improving patient care.

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