Imaging Suite

Built on a cloud-native foundation to address your imaging needs today and help you face the future with confidence.


Providing a cloud-native platform for your imaging workflows

Merge Imaging Suite provides an intuitive, feature-rich array of solutions thoughtfully designed for imaging clinicians to enjoy a seamless and frictionless workflow experience. It can be personalized to improve clinicians’ focus on the velocity and quality of patient care, while enabling tighter collaboration with extended care teams. The end result enhances clinician satisfaction and retention and helps to drive better patient outcomes.

Merge Imaging Suite also benefits technical functions such as IT and imaging informatics teams. As a modular, integrated suite of applications, built on a cloud-native medical imaging foundation, it maximizes availability, security, performance, ease of administration, and remote access, while helping control complexity and cost.

How do you know if Merge Imaging Suite is right for you?

If your organization recognizes any of these scenarios, you may benefit from Merge Imaging Suite.

Data storage

Your organization’s growing volumes of patient data are driving storage needs that exceed your current solution, whether in terms of capacity, reliability, cost – or all of the above.

Imaging data storage and access

The variety of image types and sources across your enterprise is growing too fast and now needs to be centralized for easier retrieval by your diagnostic systems, care teams, and patients alike.

Cloud-based systems

Your imaging teams need a unified, responsive, next-generation solution that incorporates AI insights, with a cloud migration strategy that meets you where you are and accommodates your unique needs.


Your organization needs to be able to support reading professionals working from different devices, workstations, or sites – or who may be employed by third parties.

Orthopedics imaging

Your facility needs an imaging system that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of your orthopedic practice—and does so economically.

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With Merge Imaging Suite, take advantage of a flexible, modern range of imaging solutions – either all at once or at your pace.

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Address your imaging needs today. Face the future with confidence.


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