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Supporting your medical imaging technology needs with skilled experts at your demand.


Professional services that meet you where you are in your imaging technology transformation

As a committed transformation partner to hundreds of clients over decades, we recognize the challenges you face in your technology journey. We are excited to introduce Merge Consulting Services and its first offering of staff augmentation.

Additional specialized service offerings are planned to support workflow optimization, AI adoption, and other imaging business needs.

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Merge Consulting Services provide expertise tailored to your unique needs with staff augmentation

Merge staffing consultants come from the same talent pools as regular staffing agencies but with the significant added value of being prepared with Merge training, being familiar with the Merge contacts in your project teams, and providing direct access to Merge experts and support systems, for engagements of one year or more as needed.

Merge consultants arrive to your team prepared as close to full productivity as possible, with full understanding of your project’s specific requirements and expectations.

Addressing your challenges today, positioning you for the future

  • Qualified consultants are ready to work in a matter of weeks.
  • Consultants can convert to full employment, helping you avoid costly recruiting, on-boarding, and training.

Leveraging the latest technology and expertise

  • Consultants for longer engagements get trained on Merge software solutions, deployment methodologies, and best practice configurations.
  • They review business systems used for Merge Support and access to Merge Implementation teams, if applicable.
  • If required, they can be sourced to include expertise in emerging innovations, such as AI (including generative AI) and cloud.

Tailored to your needs

  • Full-time, on-site support, Monday – Friday.
  • Hybrid on-site/remote, or staffed locally to avoid travel costs for either short- or long-term engagements

Adapting as your imaging organization evolves

  • Consulting capacity can be scaled up or down to meet your staffing needs.
  • Consultants are adept at providing support for your in-use solutions, while also offering counsel for potential future implementations.

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The Merge Consulting Services team is ready to provide the flexibility and reliability you need to meet your staffing needs.

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