Modernize the delivery of your health and social programs

Innovate your eligibility and entitlement processes so you can focus on what matters the most. The Cúram platform is a modular solution that can adapt to the demands of changing legislation, policy and population needs to support you in improving the lives of those you serve.

Configurable solutions to meet your specific needs

  • Configuration tools in our administrative suite provide no-code capabilities to implement new program features and modify existing programs
  • Supports both on-premise and cloud-based deployments that scale quickly
  • Supports incremental modernization by allowing agencies to add on new modules and features over time

Specifically designed for health and human services

  • Incorporates a domain-specific eligibility and entitlement engine that can evaluate determinations across the lifespan of client interactions
  • Manages resulting benefits and service deliveries, including financial issuances and provider service authorizations
  • Features robust financial management, including automated over- and under-payment determinations when reassessments are required

Integrating data across programs

  • Provides comprehensive data on service delivery for accountability and decision-making purposes
  • Delivers integrated data across programs, agencies and governments
  • Includes business and infrastructure security mechanisms to keep data protected


Our eligibility and entitlement solution provides

  • Automated payment scheduling
  • Automatic overpayment case creation for tracking and recoupment
  • Capture & reuse evidence
  • Deduction configuration for recouping overpayments
  • Eligibility and entitlement determination
  • Handles multiple evidence changes, rule and rate changes
  • Household composition determination
  • Household composition display
  • Multi-program payment consolidation
  • Nominee payments
  • Overpayment and underpayment calculation
  • Prepayment entitlement verification
  • Program specific verification rules
  • Rate change
  • Retroactive change processing

Public and client portals

Cúram's citizen engagement solution delivers screening, application, and account management features to securely engage your clients 24/7

Eligibility and entitlement

Rules, processes and an engine that all aid in determining eligibility and entitlement

Ongoing financial and case management

Disburse timely, accurate payments and monitor the progress of individuals to promote positive outcomes




Eligibility & Entitlement Solution Brief

Governments need a social program infrastructure that can respond, scale and engage at the speed of change.



Creating a new social benefits agency

See how The Scottish Government disbursed GBP 190 million to nearly 100,000 households.


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