Peer insights: a shifting approach to drug information resources

The Micromedex team joined thousands of pharmacy professionals at the ASHP Mid-Year meeting to share expertise and understand how hospital systems are transforming their approach to drug information resources

Traditionally, hospital systems have juggled multiple platforms and resources to fulfill their clinical reference needs; a result of an accumulation of multiple legacy systems acquired over past years. However, many institutions are now opting for a more unified approach, moving away from maintaining various resources in favor of embracing single solutions that offer holistic coverage. This transition highlights a significant paradigm shift in how healthcare providers are seeking to optimize their workflows and enhance efficiency.

This emerged as a prevalent theme at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Mid-Year Meeting held in Anaheim, California. Hospital systems are streamlining their access to drug and disease information by consolidating disparate resources into singular, comprehensive solutions.

The Micromedex team joined thousands of pharmacy professionals from around the globe at the recent meeting and gathered insights on key areas of interest.

Searching for an all-in-one solution

In the search for a consolidated solution for both drug and disease information, the team witnessed palpable interest surrounding the capabilities of DynaMedex in particular. DynaMedex is a rising contender in this arena that combines two Best in KLAS solutions, DynaMed (2021, 2022) and Micromedex (2023). The intuitive interface and user-friendly design of DynaMedex left a lasting impression on those encountering the platform for the first time. Pharmacy leaders acknowledged that their endorsement and familiarity with such alternatives can pave the way for more significant adoption and utilization across healthcare settings.

Calling out IV compatibility

Dealing with intravenous (IV) therapy for patients can be a difficult and complex task, and healthcare professionals need efficient, evidence-based tools to ensure accurate IV-compatibility decisions are made with confidence. An overwhelmingly positive response to the enhanced IV Compatibility chart view within Micromedex was heard each day of the event. Attendees expressed enthusiasm for the improved visualization and usability of this critical feature, acknowledging its potential to streamline workflow and improve patient care. Enhancing the IV Compatibility tool allows clinicians to make quick, accurate decisions while also providing the level of patient safety expected from Micromedex.

Demanding fast access to accurate content

It was noted at the event that pharmacists need rapid, easy access to evidence-based content in a time where information, and sometimes misinformation, spreads rapidly. In 2024, the Micromedex team will provide expanded coverage of emerging evidence to support dose adjustment recommendations for special populations, off-label uses, and off-label dosing strategies. We will also deliver enhancements to provide a more streamlined and engaging user experience. Users can expect newly formatted compatibility tables for intravenous drugs as well as a refreshed mobile application for quick access to answers.

Exploring AI applications

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning models in the clinical setting also garnered substantial attention. The cautious yet curious attitude towards the potential for generative AI highlighted the industry's appetite to explore opportunities. However, while clinicians are optimistic for the future, the technology is largely still unproven outside of very specific use cases. It was also acknowledged at the meeting that organizations should not lead with technology, but keep the focus on strategic outcomes. Merative is taking a deliberate approach to assess how it may further facilitate evidence-based decision making with the right technology to support the expertise of clinicians themselves. As technology evolves, the human element of care will remain a central piece in improving outcomes and lives.


The ASHP Mid-Year Meeting provided a platform for industry leaders and professionals to witness the evolving landscape of drug information resources available. The shift towards consolidated, comprehensive solutions like DynaMedex, coupled with advancements in accessibility and usability, and the strategic integration of technology signals a promising future for enhanced clinical decision-making and improved patient care within hospital systems.

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