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Release Notes





Merative Social Program Management iFix5 Release Notes





System Requirements
Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates
Known Issues





Welcome to the Merative Social Program Management iFix5 release.


This is a cumulative release which incorporates the Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates contained in all previous iFix releases. Details of these Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates are included separately in the release notes for each of the previous iFix releases.


For the latest version of the release notes, see


Full product documentation can be found in the documentation.



System Requirements


For information about the supported software and hardware for this release, see the Merative Social Program Management Prerequisites.






See the download instructions for this release at





Prior to running the installer please ensure all files in your Merative Social Program Management installation are writable.


The installation steps are as follows:


  • Extract the contents of the .zip file to a local drive location.
  • Run the Merative Social Program Management installer, which can be found in the INSTALLER folder at that location.
  • After installing, the appropriate build targets must be run as necessary for your installation.


Additional installation instructions can be found in the Development Environment Installation Guide.




If you are upgrading from a previous version, the Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Helper contains documentation and tooling to help you to upgrade your Merative Social Program Management application codebase and database to work with your new version of Merative Social Program Management. The Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Guide describes a recommended process for performing application and database upgrades. The Upgrade Helper contains tools to assist you with implementing the upgrade, including tooling to produce a schedule of required migrations for your upgrade, tooling to provide information about database schema changes and tooling to generate initial SQL scripts for applying changes to your database.


To download the appropriate version of the Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Helper, see the download instructions at



Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates


Third Party Updates


Third Party Updates


WorkItem:264339 - Update the version of the commons-codec library used in the SPM product


The Apache Commons Codec package contains simple encoders and decoders for various formats such as Base64 and Hexadecimal. In addition to these widely used encoders and decoders, the Commons Codec package also maintains a collection of phonetic encoding utilities.


The library is used in a variety of places for Base64 encoding purposes, including the CDEJ general plugin infrastructure, the Microsoft (MS) Word Integration functionality and also in the Rest infrastructure.

The version of Commons Codec used by Merative Social Program Management  has now been updated from 1.5 to 1.14. Commons Codec 1.14 contains some bug fixes and a number of improvements.

As a result of this upgrade, the version of the specified Commons Codec JAR has been updated in the following files in the Java Development Environment deliverable.

  • CuramSDEJ\lib\
  • CuramSDEJ\xmlserver\
  • CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\web\jsp\file-edit-ie.jsp
  • CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\web\jsp\cti-applet.jsp
  • CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\installers\IBMCuramWordIntegrationAssistant.msi


The changes to the Commons Codec JAR files include:


  • CuramCDEJ\lib\ext\jar\signed\sha-2\commons-codec-1.14.jar
  • CuramCDEJ\lib\curam\jar\cti-lib\commons-codec-1.14.jar
  • CuramCDEJ\lib\ext\jar\commons-codec-1.14.jar
  • CuramSDEJ\lib\commons-codec-1.14.jar
  • BIApp\BIApp\CuramBIRTViewer\components\core\WebContent\WEB-INF\platform\plugins\\lib\commons-codec-1.14.jar


It should be noted that any references in custom scripts and other artifacts to the versioned JARs should be updated to point to the new versions of the JAR files as specified above.



Known Issues


See the Known Issues section in the release notes.





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