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Merative Social Program Management iFix2 Release Notes





System Requirements
Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates
Known Issues




Welcome to the Merative Social Program Management iFix2 release.


This is a cumulative release which incorporates the Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates contained in all previous 7.0.5 iFix releases. Details of these Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates are included separately in the release notes for each of the previous iFix releases. For the latest version of the release notes, see


Full product documentation can be found in the Product documentation and PDFs.



System Requirements


For information about the supported software and hardware for this release, see the Merative Social Program Management Prerequisites.





See the download instructions for this release at





Prior to running the installer please ensure all files in your Merative Social Program Management installation are writable.


The installation steps are as follows:


  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a local drive location.
  • Run the Merative Social Program Management installer, which can be found in the INSTALLER folder at that location.
  • After installing, the appropriate build targets must be run as necessary for your installation.


Additional installation instructions can be found in the Development Environment Installation Guide.




If you are upgrading from a previous version, the Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Helper contains documentation and tooling to help you to upgrade your Merative Social Program Management application codebase and database to work with your new version of Merative Social Program Management. The Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Guide describes a recommended process for performing application and database upgrades. The Upgrade Helper contains tools to assist you with implementing the upgrade, including tooling to produce a schedule of required migrations for your upgrade, tooling to provide information about database schema changes and tooling to generate initial SQL scripts for applying changes to your database.


You can download the appropriate version of the Merative Social Program Management Upgrade Helper from



Improvements, Resolved Issues and Third Party Updates


Cúram Enterprise Framework


Cúram Enterprise Framework


Application Development Environment


Application Development Environment


Client Development Environment






PO07412, WorkItem:246068 - It's not possible to turn off the progress spinner by using the property that controls whether it's enabled or disabled


Issue Description:


The property curam.progress.widget.enabled, which determines whether the progress spinner is displayed or not, does not work. Even when it is set to false, the progress spinner continues to display.


User Interface Impact: No


Steps to Reproduce (In Development):


  1. Update setting curam.progress.widget.enabled=false.
  2. Rebuild the client.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Issue: Pages that are slow to load continue to display the progress spinner.




This has been resolved in the JavaScript responsible for rendering the progress spinner so that even pages that take a long time to load will not display it if it has been disabled.




PO08232, WorkItem:252306 - Usage of the '#' character in Microsoft Word template data details causes the resultant Microsoft Word document to display incorrectly


Issue Description:


Microsoft Word communications in the Social Program Management application are based on a template that is created and maintained in Microsoft Word. All Microsoft Word templates are associated with either participants or with cases.


When communication of type Microsoft Word is created in the application and the data used as input into the template fields contains a '#' character, the resultant Microsoft Word document generated fails to display correctly. All of the data in the fields up to where the '#' character is included displays correctly, but the other template fields display the error message 'Error - no data retrieved' instead of the field values, and the data specified after the '#' character is not included in the resultant generated Microsoft Word document.


User Interface Impact: No


Steps to Reproduce:


  1. Login as a caseworker.
  2. Click on Register Person and Create Case under Cases in the shortcuts panel.
  3. Enter the Person details and select any case from the Type drop-down.
  4. On the newly created case, click on the Contact tab and select Communications.
  5. Select New Microsoft Word from the page action menu.
  6. On the New Microsoft Word Communication dialog, choose the Case Participant and click Next.
  7. Enter a Subject and manually type in an address. Use a '#' character in one of the address fields, 'Room #10' for Street 1, for example.
  8. Complete the address and select an available Microsoft Word Template that will use the field containing the '#'.
  9. Click Save. This will open the Microsoft Word and attempt to populate the template.
  10. Issue: The Microsoft Word document will open. The Microsoft Word template fields after the '#' character will display the error message 'Error - no data retrieved' in place of the remaining address field values.




The presence of a '#' character in data used to populate Microsoft Word communication template details no longer causes an issue and any data containing that character will be populated correctly into the required template fields in the resultant generated Microsoft Word document.




The algorithm used to process and populate Microsoft Word template data has been updated to handle the presence of '#' characters correctly. This character did have a special meaning within that algorithm but now the combination of the following characters, '#|#', is used to delineate the template data for the different fields.



Known Issues


See the Known Issues section in the release notes.





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