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What testing is performed before a Merative Social Program Management Release? Does Merative Social Program Managementpublish test results?





Merative Social Program Management uses a multi-layered approach for preventing, identifying, and resolving functional and non-functional defects in the Social Program Management (SPM) product. The ongoing internal initiative promotes consistent adoption of testing practices in the development of the SPM product, with the goal of continually improving the quality and non-functional characteristics of the SPM product.

However, testing covers only the default product installation. Therefore, customers are recommended to perform their own testing of licensed, on-premises software, to account for their customizations and specific system requirements.


Merative Social Program Management product development includes the following key testing-related activities:


  • Comprehensive policing and static analysis of code
  • Functional testing of enhancements and new features, from individual code units to the user journey
  • Systematic reproduction of defects and verification of fixes
  • User non-functional testing, including accessibility, documentation, globalization, translation, supported browsers and devices
  • System non-functional testing, including installers, build, deployment, upgrade, supported middleware, external integrations, resilience, reliability, performance, scalability, and security
  • Comprehensive functional and non-functional regression testing for each release
  • Comprehensive business coverage, including platform modules, enterprise modules, and vertical solutions
  • Comprehensive technical coverage, including infrastructure, internal and external applications, back-end services, and batch jobs


To ensure high quality deliveries, Merative Social Program Management product development has adopted the following industry best practices for the quality and testing of large-scale enterprise products:


  • Agile in-sprint testing of components combined with parallel iterative system integration testing
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) practices
  • Risk-based testing and shift left testing
  • Test pyramid, with automation at different layers and granularities, including unit tests, code integration tests, user story acceptance tests, scenarios, and user journeys
  • Continuous integration and continuous testing


Because test results vary based on the test environment, configuration, and customization, Merative Social Program Management does not provide information about test cases, test workloads, test data and test results except for the information that is included in standard product documentation or as published through public activities.

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17 June 2018