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Is it possible to use keys above the upper reserved ranges in Merative Social Program Management?





Merative Social Program Management follows a layered development approach where key ranges are allocated to various components so that there are no conflicts. If the same human readable values are used by multiple components independently, the result can be a build failure due to duplication of primary keys. To avoid this issue, the practice is to use the keys within the specific range reserved for a component. The ranges are:

- Non-human readable primary keys: 45,000 - 49,999 (inclusive)
- Human readable primary keys: 11,521 - 12,799 (inclusive)
- Rule sets: 4,500 - 4,999 (inclusive)





The limits are defined as the following:

1. Lower limit - keys below that range are used by Merative Social Program Management for initial and demo data delivered in the product.

2. Lower limit - Upper Limit - keys between that range may be used by customers for their custom initial and demo data.

3. Keys above that range are used by the application server at run time to allocate keys for data produced by the running application.

It is possible to use keys above the upper reserved ranges when the 'nextUniqueIdBlock' attribute for a KeyServer is used to initially control where the IDs will start. Then initialize the provided value X (e.g. 100,000), so that all keys from the specified lower bound up to X-1 (99,999) can be used for DMX entries.

This is true for applications being put into production for the first time (as it can be guaranteed that none of the keys from the changed limit have already been allocated).

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