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What happens when I request a critical fix for Merative Social Program Management?





This Tech Note explains the stages that a critical fix request goes through in Merative Social Program Management and the points at which customers can expect updates on their request.


Definition: A request by a customer to deliver a fix for a critical defect in an iFix, as described by:




  1. All fix requests will be acknowledged via the support case.

  2. After initial analysis, Merative will approve/reject the request. All approved requests are subject to a solution and a suitable release vehicle being identified. Unless otherwise stated, cases which are rejected will remain candidates for later scheduled maintenance releases.

  3. Approved requests will be assigned for investigation and identification of a solution. If, as part of this investigation, Merative conclude that the solution is not suitable for the proposed release type (e.g. where the fix depends on an impactful update to a third party software library), the request will be rejected and the fix scheduled for a more suitable release.

  4. When the fix has been targeted for delivery in a release, Merative will advise the target release date once the schedule has been assembled. Target release dates remain subject to change. Further updates on the schedule will be communicated as the fix progresses.

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