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Cúram critical fix request process


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What is the policy for requesting critical fixes in Cúram?




A fix for an acknowledged defect can be requested to address a critical customer issue where, due to project deadlines, it is not possible to wait for the next scheduled maintenance release.


Supporting information required:


Before a release could be considered the following information should be provided to Merative Support:


  • Version of Cúram the fix is being requested on
  • Detailed business impact of the issue in question
  • Is this a production issue?
  • Is this considered to be a regression issue?
  • Is the fix available on a later version of the product? If so, please refer to the Merative Social Program Management Policy for Backporting Fixes
  • Does the project have a workaround for the issue? If so, details of the workaround should be provided
  • Why is an immediate solution required?
  • Information regarding why the project cannot wait for this to be addressed in a fix pack or higher release
  • Project timelines
    • Development phase complete date
    • User Acceptance Testing start and complete dates
    • System Testing start and complete dates
    • Production Roll-out date


Criteria to be met:


  • No viable work around is available
  • Critical business impact
  • Must be a Severity 1 or Severity 2 issue. (Severity 3 or Severity 4 issues do not constitute a critical business impact)
  • Immediate solution required


Note: Meeting the criteria above does not mean a critical fix will be provided. Meeting the criteria means that a critical fix request can be raised. The request will then be reviewed and assessed.


Declined request:


If the above Criteria are not met, the expectation should be that your request will be declined and you will receive a support case update similar to that below:

“A fix will not be provided as it does not meet the critical fix request criteria for iFix releases. It is not considered a critical business impact. It will be considered for a future release.”


Accepted request:


If the above Criteria are met, then we will require the customer to agree to the following:


The fix can be provided on the customer's version <X> provided that the project give an update on the support case containing the following information:


  • Commitment as to when they will move to the latest applicable refresh pack, fix pack and/or ifix release on their modification version or to the next available modification (or higher) release.


If the above Criteria are met and where it has been agreed to deliver the fix in a test fix release, we will require the project to provide an update on the support case containing the following information:


  • Acceptance that fixes provided in a test fix undergo limited testing. The project accepts the risk of putting it into production and to mitigate this, should move to a fully supported version of Merative Social Program Management at the earliest opportunity.


What happens when I request a critical fix?

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