Update required for the installer for the Word Integration Assistant application for versions iFix 5 and earlier

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IBMCuramSPM-WIA-Patch-1091 has been released, which supersedes IBMCuramSPM-WIA-Patch-1090.

An update is required for the installer for the Word Integration Assistant application, IBMCuramWordIntegrationAssistant.msi, that is included with the Merative™ Social Program Management Client Development Environment for all Merative Social Program Management versions iFix 5 and earlier.


For Social Program Management versions iFix 5 and earlier, install this patch if your users are affected by the following issues.


The Word Integration Assistant client desktop Java application, together with a browser extension, the Cúram Social Program Management File Edit Native Messaging Bridge extension, are required to enable the Word Integration functionality in Social Program Management 7.0.x for clients that use Google Chrome.

The original extension that was designed to work with version 6.x and version 7.0.x releases was published to the Chrome web store with the extension ID legdjfnmdmcapoeifgelafpoeljdlbmc. The extension was delisted from the Chrome web store and is no longer available to install.

A newer extension that is published to the Chrome web store with extension ID jmhkbmmljlemjenoklondlldimojdgll was designed to work only with Social Program Management version 8.0.x and with the Word Integration Assistant that is distributed with that release. The new extension was not designed to work with earlier versions of Social Program Management.

Caseworkers who already installed and enabled the original extension in their Chrome browser profile are not affected by this problem. This problem only affects caseworkers who are setting up a new desktop environment, who are using Chrome as their browser, and who are using the Word Integration Assistant installer that is distributed with iFix 4 and earlier.

The patch includes an IBMCuramWordIntegrationAssistant.msi. The patch works with both versions of the extension and is compatible with all Social Program Management version 7.0.x releases.

IBMCuramSPM-WIA-Patch-1090, iFix 9, and iFix 5 also had a bug that prevented the Chrome browser from starting the Word Integration Assistant Java™ application in the following circumstances.

This patch also addresses this issue.

All future changes to IBMCuramWordIntegrationAssistant.msi will continue to be delivered through the Merative Social Program Management Client Development Environment.

This patch will be updated only for critical fixes. Therefore, customers are encouraged to move to the latest versions of Social Program Management to avail of all fixes and improvements to the Word Integration functionality.

The page for the new extension in the Chrome web store has been updated to reflect that the extension is also supported on the Social Program Management version 7.0.x lines.

Though Word Integration supports Microsoft Edge on Chromium in the version 8.0.x release, Word Integration is not supported on the Social Program Management version 7.0.x release even with this new extension installed.

Installing the asset

Download and install the Cúram (SPM) assets and asset fixes from Merative Support and follow the instructions in the download.

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