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When you plan an Merative ™ Program Management (SPM) upgrade, you can now request a customized report that clearly lists the files that have changed between two versions. The report lists the installation path and file name of each file that has been edited, added, or removed in a clear, easy to read CSV format. Therefore, the report reduces the analysis and execution that is required for SPM upgrades.





You can request a report that lists all the files that have changed between your existing SPM version, starting from SPM 7.0.0, to the SPM version to which you are upgrading. The customised report is offered on a trial basis and is available on request from Merative Support.


The report includes all files that are relevant to customers, including internal changes that have no associated customer defects. Some changed files are excluded from the report, including files that are related to internal tests, security details, and files that are not part of the SPM product.


A single file changes report in a clear format


The file change report is in a CSV format that is consistent with SPM’s external release notes. It contains all the information you need in a clear format to determine which files have changed and whether the changes are relevant to your installation. In the report, symbols indicate whether a file was added, removed, or changed. In addition, installed build jar file paths are displayed with the file name that was altered. See the following figure for an example of a file changes report:



Requesting a customized file changes report


To request a file changes report, create a support case through the Merative Support Portal. In the support case, specify the exact version of your existing SPM version 7, for example, 7.0.5, and the SPM version to which you are upgrading, for example, 7.0.9 . When the file changes report is generated, the report that you requested is created by the support team and attached to your customer support case.

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