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Using two scenarios that are typically faced by caseworkers, this article explains how to correct typographical errors in evidence when the typographical error is in the evidence information or is in the Effective Date of change field.





Scenario: You can make a correction when you've updated a record by using Effective Date of Change.


You might have created the initial record, then changed the evidence over time. If you made a mistake, you can make a correction to the evidence.

For example, you recorded Student evidence that started 2 January 2020. During recertification, the client told you that his son Johnny started at a different school on 17 August 2020, and Johnny was also now attending school full-time.

You updated the change in the School Name from Midway Preschool to Midway Elementary and added an Effective Date of Change for 17 August 2020. Then, you saved and applied changes. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: Change of school name effective 17 August 2020.


After you saved and activated the evidence, you realized that you forgot to change the Student Status to full-time. Just like you can correct an initial record, you can correct a record that was changed. The following steps list how to change the status:


1.    Edit the Student evidence for 17 August 2020.

2.    Change the Student Status from Part-Time to Full-Time.

3.    As this update is a correction, do not enter or change the Effective Date of Change again.

4.    Save. See Figure 2.


While Figure 2 displays three records to illustrate how the evidence information changes, there is still only two evidence records after the correction is made. The information that is displayed in the third record that is labeled 'Correction' replaces the information in the second record that is labeled 'First Change' with a record of the correction that was made and retained for auditing and traceability purposes.


Figure 2: Correction of student status on a previously activated evidence from Part-Time to Full-Time on the 17 August 2020 record.

Scenario: If you entered an incorrect Effective Date of Change when you were updating evidence, the incorrect Effective Date of Change can be corrected.


If you realized that you made a typographical error on the Effective Date of Change before you activated the change, you cannot edit it directly. You see a validation that prevents the edit. Depending on the scenario, Option 1 and Option 2 outline how to correct the issue.


Option 1: For in-edit evidence with an Effective Date of Change

1.    On the in-edit record, from the action menu click Discard.
2.    Edit the evidence record again and enter the correct date in the Effective Date of Change field.


If you realized that you made a typographical on the Effective Date of Change after you activated the change, use the steps in Option 2 to correct the issue.


Option 2: For active evidence with an Effective Date of Change

1.   On the active record that includes the incorrect Effective Date of Change, from the action menu click Edit. Figure 3 uses Student evidence as an example.

2.   Correct the value in the Effective Date of Change field.

3.   Click Save. A new in-edit record is created. The original active record still exists with the incorrect date. See Figure 4.

4.   On the original active record with the incorrect date, from the action menu click Delete. The record’s status displays as Active – Pending Deletion. See Figure 5.

5.   Apply changes to the two evidence updates. Now the record with the incorrect date is deleted, and the new record with the correct date is active. See Figure 6.

Figure 3. The caseworker incorrectly entered an Effective Date of Change of 13 January 2021 and clicks to edit it.


Figure 4. A new in-edit record with an Effective Date of Change 3 January 2021 is created.


Figure 5. The incorrect record with an Effective Date of Change of 13 January 2021 has a status of Active – Pending Deletion.


Figure 6. The Effective Date of Change is updated to 3 January 2021.

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