Merative Cùram SPM Support Newsletter – December 2023

As a valued Merative™ client, we hope that you find the following Merative Cùram Social Program Management (SPM) newsletter useful. The information is intended to help you stay up-to-date with the latest feature, maintenance, and administration updates for the Merative SPM application. The newsletter contains links to SPM technical support documents and supplemental information, such as release notes or What's New for different releases. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to open a case with Merative SPM Support.

In the spotlight

Merative ™ Social Program Management is now Cúram ™ by Merative™. Look out for upcoming releases under our new name.

Merative Social Program Management is the latest Continuous Delivery release from Merative. has the following improved user experience

You can see the new product name and logo across the following locations in the 8.1.1 release:

• Application login and logout screens

• Application banners

Accessibility improvements - Our continued focus on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) indicate a commitment to making Cúram web content more accessible:

• 1.3.1 - Info and Relationships

• 1.3.5 - Identify Input Purpose

• 1.4.12 - Text Spacing

• 2.1.1 - Keyboard

• 2.4.2 - Page Titles

• 2.4.6 - Headings and Labels

• 4.1.2 - Name, Role, Value

• 3.2.2 - On Input page shouldn't change

• 4.1.1 - Avoid Validation and Parsing errors

Improved user experience for dropdown menus:

• Options that start with the characters that are entered are listed, for example, entering 'i' displays Iceland.

• For options that contain more than one word, words that start with the entered characters are then listed, for example, entering ‘i’ displays Cayman Island.

• Options that contain the entered characters are then listed, for example, entering 'i' displays Albania.

Introducing Person Evidence Management:

• Person Evidence Management provides a new approach to managing person evidence. Caseworkers can now use Person Evidence Management to maintain evidence centrally at the person level. A complete lifecycle of evidence management is provided at the person level, allowing caseworkers to interact with person evidence by using an evidence workspace. This workspace provides an evidence dashboard and active and in-edit evidence lists

• The evidence that is associated with a person is not linked to a specific case. This independence allows caseworkers to access the latest version of evidence and verification statuses without needing to navigate across multiple integrated cases. Efficiency is enhanced by providing caseworkers with a dedicated space to manage evidence that is related to individuals, therefore improving accessibility and ensuring that the most up-to-date information is available without caseworkers being constrained by case-specific access permissions.

New JMX application properties:

• Enable JMX Statistics Report Per Batch

• Statistics Output Timer Period For Batch Programs - Timer Period

• By enabling the application property Enable JMX Statistics Report Per Batch, a JMX report is generated at the end of each batch program. By setting the application property Statistics Output Timer Period For Batch Programs Timer Period, a different JMX timer period can be specified for batch programs only. All JMX reports now include total and free memory information in the OperationalStats section

Pre-authorization sharing:

• Pre-authorization sharing is designed to facilitate the sharing of evidence within an application before authorization. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where applications might experience delays while waiting for all outstanding verifications to be completed before authorization. Allowing the sharing of evidence prior to authorization enables timely access to verified data especially when it relates to an individual's updated circumstances which can be important for the agency's operations elsewhere in the system.

Open-source software updates:

• In this release, we completed the centralization of our open-source software to help streamline development workflows. Included in this effort was the updating of over 40 open-source software libraries in the Cúram application. These libraries included multiple updates to Lucene, Jackson, and GraphQL. By regularly updating Cúram's open-source software (OSS), the system stays current with the latest features, patches, and security updates.

• This not only enhances the overall performance and security of the system, but also makes it easier to incorporate and adapt to changes in the future. In the Third Party Updates section of the Release Notes, Cúram provides detailed information about changes, improvements, and updates to various open-source libraries that are integrated into the Cúram open-source software ecosystem. For a full list of these changes, see the Third Party Updates section in the Release Notes.


Asset updates


Universal Access Responsive Web Application 6.2.2 - released on December 14, 2023
• The Learn more links on the Benefit Selection page are changed to provide description of the links' purpose

• Improvements to the Section Navigation current indicator

• Fix applied to the console log warning for the LanguageDropdownComponent

Social Program Management Design System 6.2.2 - released on December 14, 2023
• The <Card /> component is changed to remove an unnecessary aria attribute

• Fix applied to IEG Help buttons so screen readers do not read the hidden help text
when the button is collapsed

• Improvements to the OverflowMenu current indicator

• Improvement to the FlexContainer layout component



Merative SPM Enhancement Request - Aha! Ideas
We invite you to shape the future of Merative. Please submit your ideas and enhancement requests.

Evidence sharing rules XML samples
XML Samples guidelines for using sharing rules XML schema to map logically equivalent evidence types.

Merative SPM Prerequisites
Review the supported operating systems, prerequisites, and supported software to ensure compatibility.

Merative ™ Social Program Management Third Party Prerequisites Policy Change
Beginning with the release of Merative Social Program Management v7; and for all future releases of Merative Social Program Management solutions; we will only define support for the third party products for which our solutions have a direct dependency.



Merative SPM Security Bulletins:
Support login is required to access published security vulnerabilities, which include the associated Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).




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Merative SPM Release notes
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Merative SPM UI Addon Development Environment
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Merative SPM Performance Tuning
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