Merative Cúram Support Newsletter – September 2023

As a valued Merative™ client, we hope that you find the following Cúram newsletter useful. The information is intended to help you stay up-to-date with the latest feature, maintenance, and administration updates for the Cúram application. The newsletter contains links to Cúram technical support documents and supplemental information, such as release notes or What's New for different releases. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to open a case with Cúram Support.

In the spotlight

Merative ™ Social Program Management is now Cúram ™ by Merative™. Look out for upcoming releases under our new name.

Cúram is the latest Continuous Delivery release from Merative. It has the following improved user experience:

Updates for caseworkers:

• Improved user experience for Combo box dropdown menus

• New sort indicator icons for columns

Updates for administrators:

• Updated documentation to clarify how to configure a refresh of the context panel

• Enhanced support for text translation

Updates for developers:

• Introducing new financial hook points

• Support for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) in development and test


Updates for security:

• Configuring SSO for Cúram using Microsoft™ Azure

Removed features

• Code removal


Asset updates


Universal Access Responsive Web Application 6.2.1 - released on September 21, 2023
Previously, Merative™ Cúram Universal Access supported Node 14 and Node 16, the JavaScript™runtime environment that is used to build and run Universal Access. Now, support is provided for Node 16 and Node 18. Support is no longer provided for Node 14

Cúram Design System 6.2.1 - released on June 8, 2023
The Design System can be used to develop custom web applications, in addition to the standard Cúram web client.



Cúram Enhancement Request - Aha! Ideas
We invite you to shape the future of Merative. Please submit your ideas and enhancement requests.

Evidence sharing rules XML samples
XML Samples guidelines for using sharing rules XML schema to map logically equivalent evidence types.

Cúram Prerequisites
Review the supported operating systems, prerequisites, and supported software to ensure compatibility.



Cúram Security Bulletins:
Support login is required to access published security vulnerabilities, which include the associated Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).




Cúram Release Notes
Cúram 8.1 Release Notes, released on June 22, 2023.

Cúram Release Notes
Cúram 8.1 Release Notes, released on March 2, 2023.

Cúram iFix 13 Release Notes
iFix 13 for Cúram 8.0.2 Release Notes, released on June 23, 2023.

Cúram iFix 12 Release Notes
iFix 12 for Cúram 7.0.11 Release Notes, released on July 27, 2023.

Cúram iFixes and Software Downloads:
Download iFixes and Merative Software releases for Cúram here.

Cúram Release Notes
Access to previously released Cúram Release Notes can be accessed here.




Cúram Documenation
Product documentation, release information, and technical support articles for Cúram

Cúram Documentation (PDF Library)
Production documentation, release information, and technical support articles in PDF format

Cúram Release notes
Cúram Release notes information about new / updated features, resolved issues, and known issues

Cúram on Kubernetes
Production documentation for Cúram on Kubernetes

Cúram UI Addon Development Environment
This open source repository provides a React JavaScript development environment for Cúram. You can now extend UIM by using React, IBM® Carbon Design System, GraphQL, and Apollo Client

Cúram UI Upgrade Helper
Use the UI Upgrade Helper to help you to upgrade the Cúram UI from version 7 to version 8



Cúram Education Offerings
Listing of Cúram courses with the abstract for each lesson and exercise

Cúram Caseworker Productivity Enablement (video)
Deep dive video presentation on caseworker enablement

Cúram Education (video)
Informative Merative video about the benefits of Cúram training

Support Resources


To request login access to the Cúram Support / Software Download portal:
Login access is required to download Cúram software

Collecting Data to troubleshoot a Cúram issue:
Information to be collected, in order to troubleshoot issues encountered while using Cúram

Open a Cúram Case:
Engage Cúram Support and open a ticket

View an existing Cúram Case
In order to view previously opened Cúram support tickets, click here

View an existing Cúram Known Issue (Defect):
Search for previously opened Cúram Known Issues

Cúram Performance Tuning
This guide provides a quick-start and guidelines to tuning Cúram in a production or production-like environment in both traditional Cúram deployments (VMs or bare-metal) and Kubernetes environments.