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It’s not easy managing health and benefits programs. With Health Insights and our portfolio of healthcare analytics tools, organizations gain a clear path towards optimized financial and operational performance. Drill down into the top KPIs that matter most to your organization and configure with ease. Let’s address your top program challenges, backed by powerful analytics and a team of healthcare analytics experts ready to help.


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Spend less time analyzing your healthcare data – and more time driving outcomes.

Goodbye dirty data

Take the pain out of analyzing your organization's data with data management, curation and cleansing support.

Hello actionable insights

Turn your data into insights with leading healthcare analytics, visualizations and reports on clinical and financial outcomes.

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Benchmark healthcare program performance with representative, real-world data covering over 293 million lives with MarketScan®.

Easy to use healthcare analytics tools to help you make confident decisions

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Self-service dashboards

Uncover the hidden story in your data. View aggregate KPIs and trends affecting your population’s health and costs, then dive deeper with guided drill paths and filters.


Explore data your way

Personalize your Health Insights experience in real-time. Jumpstart any dashboard into a custom view with pre-made modules to make your insights even more relevant.


Advanced reporting

Investigate your top program questions with Ad Hoc Report Writer. Our built-in self-service analytic tool is tailor-made to help you uncover hard-to-find answers.


Account group reporting

Demonstrate value to your employer groups. Build visually compelling and analytically robust employer insights at scale, so you can confidently engage and consult your clients.

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Make your data work for you

With Flexible Analytics, Merative develops and maintains a catalog of clinically robust, time-tested, off-the-shelf analytic methods that can be integrated with any data warehouse or business intelligence tool. License the analytics you need, when you need them.

  • Predictive analytics
  • Groupers
  • Classification methods
  • Quality measures

Accelerate time to insights

Embed analytic content directly into your enterprise data warehouse to help reduce analytic latency and time to value. Run multiple methods at once to make efficient use of resources.

Gain flexibility and scalability

Expand analytic capabilities alongside business priorities, scaling as needs shift without changing IT infrastructure. We keep the methodologies current, so you can spend less time maintaining analytics, and more time on value-add activities.

Get precise answers

Select just the analytics you need or package multiple methods to address specific priorities. We offer purpose-built methods to answer questions about care management, financials, provider performance and account management.


Our healthcare analytics are helping connect insights across industries.


It's a delicate balance — offering benefits that help attract top talent, while keeping costs manageable.

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Health plans

Uncover trends, improve member experiences, and strengthen relationships with brokers, clients and providers.

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Benefits advisors

The scope of your client needs and expectations are only growing. Our solutions can help you grow capabilities and strengthen client relationships.

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Public plan sponsors and governments can lead the way in adding benefits that other employers also adopt.

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Deep expertise. Decades of experience.

Our Applied Analytics and Consulting Services team provides personalized support to improve your health and benefits programs, while addressing your top business challenges.

Evaluate programs

Evaluate employee and patient engagement, behavior change and outcomes from programs. Giving you a better idea of whether your point solution vendors are delivering your expected ROI or value.

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Identify gaps

Better understand opportunities to improve costs or address patient outcomes across key areas like behavioral health, specialty prescription drugs, health equity, value-based care and more.

Grow your business

Leverage our industry expertise along with robust data sources and analytics to provide the substantiation and differentiation your organization needs to stand out.


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In 10 clicks, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of program performance, drill down to identify significant savings related to a diabetes population, and report out to stakeholders with ease.


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Trying to manage population health with no data is like building without a blueprint. Dive deep into the data across topics like GLP-1 drugs, price transparency, and oncology – plus actionable next steps for employers and health plans.


Download this report to see analyses on trending industry topics like medical and Rx spend, employee financial wellness, health equity, and diabetes trends and GLP-1 outcomes.

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