Cardiology solutions

Tools that drive workflow efficiency for clinicians across cardiovascular service lines.

Cardiology solutions

Streamline your cardiology workflows

With cardiology-specific solutions from Merative, cardiologists and their teams can streamline workflows to make their cardiovascular service line more efficient, cost-effective and patient-centered.

Cardiac imaging and information management

Holistic image reading and clinical reporting to support your cardiovascular service line.

Cardiac imaging and information management
Automated cath lab documentation list

Automated cath lab documentation

Seamless cath lab documentation workflow, from touchscreen-based procedural data driven collection to the final physician diagnostic report.

End-to-end cardiology workflow

A complete cardiovascular experience, from advanced visualization to data analytics and insights, to EMR integration.

End to end cardiology workflow

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Streamlined workflows for building comprehensive patient records

Cardiovascular information system (CVIS) that has evolved the archiving capabilities of a cardiology PACS (CPACS) to a multi-faceted, robust information management tool.

  • Comprehensive records

  • Simplified reporting

  • Centralized access

Product categories

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Primary offerings

  • Merge Cardio
  • Merge Hemo
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Foundational capabilities

  • Merge VNA
  • IBM iConnect Access (by Merative)

“Merge has allowed us, with structured reporting, to have consistency in our reports and make our reports clear and easy to obtain. “

Dr. Sujith Kalathiveetil, Cardiologist, Duly Health and Care

“We find that a lot of times when we have multiple systems working together, that the integration and the upgrades for those integrations have to be streamlined, and we have to have folks in the background that are able to make these systems work. And that's what we find with Merge Unity. It's a workhorse in the industry and I personally love the system.”

Angie Fitch, Director of Imaging, Cardiology and Cardiac Rehab, Pomerene Hospital

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