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Introducing a new blog series about managing evidence in Merative ™ Social Program Management (SPM).


How do I correct evidence? Is a correction the same as a change in circumstance over time? And what’s the difference between start dates and the Effective Date of Change? In social programs, evidence is information supplied by clients that an organization can use to make an assessment or a determination. It’s complex and, in the course of their work, caseworkers must navigate the nuances and subtleties of navigating evidence.


That’s why we’re starting a new blog series on how to manage evidence in Merative Social Program Management (SPM). Aimed at newbies as much as seasoned pros, the series answers all the questions about evidence you were afraid to ask!


Each blog is in the form of a FAQ. Designed to supplement the documentation, the blogs will include graphics and list steps to complete specific tasks. The following list outlines some of the topics you can expect in the blogs:


  • Evidence sharing between cases that use incoming evidence. The blog explains the evidence sharing timeline of changes, how to use the evidence sharing timeline to resolve incoming evidence, and how to enter missing mandatory details using SPM 7.0.11.
  • Evidence corrections and change in circumstances over time. The blog tackles the difference between making a correction and using the Effective Date of Change.
  • Modifying evidence. The blog looks at how to modify a client’s change in circumstances over time and how to fix a typographical error in the Effective Date of Change.
  • Start and end dates. The blog specifies the differences between the evidence Received Date, the evidence Start Date, and when to enter an End Date.


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