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In Merative ™ Social Program Management 8.0.0, product development has removed some previously deprecated features. Removing deprecated features ensures that we maintain a lean product, which enables us to focus on delivering business value. You can use a new, updated version of the Merative Social Program Management Artifact Dependencies Search Tool, which is version 1.0.1, to assess whether any customer dependency exists on the removed features. The updated and improved tool includes a file that contains a list of the code artifacts that have been removed from Merative Social Program Management 8.0.0.


The artifacts for the following features were identified and removed in Merative Social Program Management 8.0.0:


  • CTI Ant targets and libraries
  • DocMaker JAR and associated targets
  • Evidence Flow
  • Intelligent Evidence Gathering (IEG) 1 infrastructure
  • Legacy Employment Contribution Entities
  • Non Identical Evidence Mapping
  • Over and Under Payments Graphical View
  • Handcrafted Java Classes for active content filtering (ACF) and HTML parser JAR functionality
  • Flex charts
  • Flex widgets


Run the updated version of the Artifact Dependencies Search Tool onsite against your codebase. The tool, which is quick and easy to run, generates a report that highlights any dependencies on code artifacts that have been removed.Merative requests that you download version 1.0.1 of the tool from Fix Central. Then, run the tool when you are planning to upgrade to Merative Social Program Management 8.0.0. Full instructions are provided in the package readme file.


For more information about the features that have been removed in Merative Social Program Management 8.0.0, see the Code Removals PDF that is attached to the 8.0.0 release notes. Customer feedback for planned code removals in relation to deprecated features was requested in the Feedback - Planned third-party updates and code removal exercises for 2020 to 2021 technote, and in an earlier version of this technote. As previously advised, Merative continues to support deprecated features but no longer plans to enhance the features, and might remove them in a future release of the product. Merative does not want customers to be impacted by the removal of deprecated features, which are documented in the Documentation.




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