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What information should I provide in the Description field when I create a support case for an issue with Merative Integrated Care?





Merative Integrated Care



Resolving The Problem


When creating a support case for an issue with Merative Integrated Care, provide the following information in the Description field of the case, if applicable. Providing this information when you create a support case helps describe the problem and saves time in analyzing the data. Important: Do not include Protected Health Information (PHI) in the gathered information.


  1. What is the Business Impact of this problem?
  2. Detailed description of the failure:
    • What activity was attempted?
    • What behavior or output was seen?
    • What behavior or output was expected?
    • Can the issue be recreated consistently or sporadically?
      • Steps to reproduce the problem, including screenshots or videos.
    • What tools were used, including version?
    • What client (operating system, device type, etc.) was used?
  3. Time and nature of the event:
    • When did you experience the problem?
      • Exact date, time and timezone of when issue occurred
    • How long has the problem been occurring?
    • Does it occur consistently?
      • Can you reproduce the problem at will?
      • Did you clear the browser cache and try again?
      • Are you on a wired or wireless network connection or a VPN?

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