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Merative Integrated Care January 2019 Release Notes






What's new for care teams

What's new for administrators

What's new for security administrators
What's new for reporting

What's new for integrations and APIs

What's new or changed for providers

Resolved issues
Known issues






Happy New Year and welcome to the January 2019 release of Merative Integrated Care. So that you can more easily identify the changes that apply to your instance of Merative Integrated Care, updates are tagged as follows:


  • Merative Integrated Care - these updates are for all Merative Integrated Care customers.
  • Merative Integrated Care Reporting - these items apply to all Merative Integrated Care customers that use Merative Integrated Care Reporting.
  • Providers enabled - these items apply to Merative Integrated Care customers with the Providers feature enabled.
  • Organization Units - these updates are for all Merative Integrated Care customers with Organization Units enabled.
  • Merative Integrated Care Community Service Referral - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Community Service Referral add-on.
  • Merative Integrated Care Community Service Payment - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Community Service Payment add-on.
  • Merative Integrated Care Connect Providers - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Connect Providers add-on.
  • Merative Integrated Care Connect Individuals - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Connect Individual add-on.



What's new for care teams


Switching between assigned workspaces without signing out

Merative Integrated Care


In some organizations, a single Merative Integrated Care user might have multiple roles, for example, one user might be a care team member requiring access to the Care Team Workspace and might also be responsible for updating assessment configurations which requires access to the Administrator Workspace. So that users with multiple roles do not need to sign out of one workspace and sign in to the other with different credentials, users can now easily switch between the different workspaces that they are authorized to use without signing out, and can set a default workspace to open each time they sign in to Merative Integrated Care.


My clients

Merative Integrated Care


So that you can filter clients based on their full name and align with the new format of Last Name, First Name display, the Name filter is  updated to return results based on the filter criteria format Last Name, First Name.


What's new for administrators


Configuring external roles

Merative Integrated Care Connect 360


You can now configure an external role, which will be available for selection by security administrators when they are setting up users. The external role is used by some external systems to determine what data it can share with Merative Integrated Care for viewing by the user.


Configuring an action to be assigned to a role

Merative Integrated Care


Currently, when you  configure Merative Integrated Care, you cannot configure an action to be automatically added to a specific role if there are no users configured with that role assigned. However, in general, organizations configure Merative Integrated Care before they add users.


To better support this way of working, when you configure an action to be automatically assigned to a role, you can now select from all configured roles.



What's new for security administrators

Assigning workspaces to users

Merative Integrated Care


When you create a new user or modify an existing user, you can now assign them access to one or more Workspaces. Then, a user with access to more than one Workspace can switch between them without signing out. To support this change, the Security Roles field is now renamed Workspaces.

Adding external roles

Merative Integrated Care


When you are creating a user, you can now assign an external role to the user. The external roles are configured by your administrator.



What's new for reporting


New data sets



Budgets data sets are now available so that you can create reports that include details of budgets, services, and service providers.


Reporting education and documentation



We have continued to build out the information that will help report creators to better understand and to get up to speed quickly with Merative Integrated Care Reporting. Details of the following data models are now included to help you better understand the folder design and relationships when you are designing reports:


  • Consent
  • Tasks
  • Touchpoints
  • Notes
  • Care Team Actions
  • Clinical Data
  • Custom Client Data
  • Budgets
  • Services, Providers, and Payments


In addition, to improve your access to Merative Integrated Care Reporting information, a link from the Merative Integrated Care Reporting application to the Merative Integrated Care Reporting product documentation is now added. The link is named Merative Integrated Care Help.


Scheduling reports



You can now schedule reports to be generated at a time that is convenient to you. You could run a report at a regular time every week or month, for example, at 9pm on every Friday, you might run a report to track the weekly utilization data. You can also schedule reports to generate when demands on the system are low, for example, during the night or over the weekend.



What's new for integrations and APIs


Updated APIs

Merative Integrated Care


  • Care Team Action API – You will be able to send updates from the external system that modify existing care team actions in Merative Integrated Care.



What's new or changed for providers


Usability updates

Connect Providers


To improve your user experience when you use Connect, the following updates are available:


  • So that you don’t lose any information, when you are adding a service, the service information that you add on a tab is saved when you navigate to another tab.
  • So that you that don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up service, managing your organization contacts is simplified so that contacts are quick to add and easy to reuse.



Resolved issues


Merative Integrated Care


  • When viewing some pages in the administrator applications, the page title does not display correctly. (237545, TS001656714)
  • For instances of Merative Integrated Care with a US timezone set, overdue tasks are not appearing in the Overdue Tasks list. However, the overdue tasks appear on the calendar. (239730)
  • The Recent Items list is not displaying correctly, it is displaying page names opened for clients instead of the client names. (237957, TS001530643)
  • Registering clients from an integrated system using the Client Registration API fails if the State address attribute is set to one of the US inhabited territories. As a workaround, manually register clients who have addresses in one of the US inhabited territories. (239394)
  • If your administrator updates a Notes Type from editable to non-editable, notes of this type that are in the status Draft or Ready for Review Notes should be updated to a status of Final when a care team member tries to edit. However, the status is not updating to Final when the Note Type is updated from editable to non-editable and care team members are still able to edit notes of this type that are in Draft or Ready for Review status. (239011)
  • In the Care Team Actions page, if you edit an action and then expand the details of the action and edit it again, an error might display when you save your changes. However, your changes are saved. (237402)
  • Overdue Tasks are displaying in the Due Tasks view of the Calendar and also display when filtering for tasks due today. (237015)




  • When you create a report that includes Touchpoint duration data, the value of the Touchpoint duration is multiplied when other fields are added to the report. (239319, TS001417144)


Known Issues

Merative Integrated Care


  • When you are searching for a client, if there are more than 50 results returned, only the 50 search results and an error message displays, and you cannot navigate to the next page of search results. To avoid this issue, refine your search by entering more search criteria to ensure that less than 50 search results are returned. (242287)
  • If your instance of Merative Integrated Care is integrated with Connect360, for any client, when you open the client’s Virtual Chart from the client search results in Merative Integrated Care, the client’s Virtual Chart incorrectly indicates that the client is not registered in Merative Integrated Care. (241845)
  • If you register a client in Merative Integrated Care, and Merative Integrated Care is integrated with Connect360, Connect360 checks for a match and if no match is found, automatically registers the client in Connect360. If you subsequently search for the client in Merative Integrated Care and Connect360, the search results indicate that the client is registered in both applications. However, if you then open the client’s Virtual Client Record, an inaccurate error message displays. (242258)
  • If your instance of Merative Integrated Care is integrated with Connect360, the online help for the Virtual Chart is not working. To see help for this page, refer to the Virtual Chart information in Knowledge Center. (241156)
  • If you have access to multiple workspaces when you sign into Merative Integrated Care, your default workspace should display. However, the workspace that you last accessed displays. If you encounter this issue, you can switch workspaces to access your default workspace. (214202)
  • Errors occur when a security administrator searches for SSO users using Workspace as the search criteria. To avoid this issue, search for users using other search criteria, for example, name. (241429)
  • External System Reference attributes can be up to 20 alphanumeric characters long, however, there is an issue whereby administrators are not prevented from adding an External System Reference for client data types of up to 100 characters that includes special characters. This may cause problems for integrations that share client data type information. To avoid this issue, if your instance of Merative Integrated Care is integrated with external applications, only add External System Reference for client data types of up to 20 alphanumeric characters long, (239862, 239860)
  • When Merative Integrated Care calculates the payment start date for a service, it checks the start date of the budget that covers the day on which the user authorized the service and the service start date. The first payment date is calculated to be the later of the two dates. However, there is an issue with the calculation in the following scenarios:
    1. If the budget the service was approved and authorized with does not overlap with the authorization date, for example when the budget is closed with a date in the past and superseded with a new budget. In this scenario, the first payment date is calculated to the second budget start date and not the later of the first budget start date or the service start date which is the expected behavior.
    2. If no budget exists for the date the service was authorized, for example if the service starts in the past and the budget starts in the future. In this scenario, the first payment date is calculated to be the service start date, and not the start date of the budget, which is the expected behavior.


  • There is an information message missing on the Edit Share Care Plan Report template page. The message warns the administrator that editing an External System Reference that is in use for existing integrations might cause integrations to fail. To avoid issues with your integrations, review the external system references that are in use before you edit the template. (240684)
  • If the security administrator changes a user’s security role, the user is not able to sign into Merative Integrated Care and an error message displays. As a workaround, instead of changing a users security role, you can create a new account for the user with the required security role. If you have encountered this issue, revert the user to their original role and the user will be able to sign in again. Alternatively, you can give the user access to the workspaces. (239979, 241447)
  • The automatic addition of clients to data access groups based on specified date criteria, for example, date of birth, is not working. Users who have access to the data group are not able to access clients that meet the criteria. As a workaround, use non-date criteria to add clients to data access groups. (237365)
  • When you filter medication records, records that have no start date are not filtered correctly. (234428)
  • For systems integrated with EPM, the alert triggered when EPM returns Risk Scores to Merative Integrated Care may contain some inaccurate information. The alert indicates that the client has been matched on the EPM system and clinical data has been received by Merative Integrated Care. However, this may not be the case as Risk scores are automatically generated for any client received by EPM even if the client was not matched on EPM. (223580)




  • Incorrect data displays in reports that include the attribute Updated By User from the Budget History table in the Budget folder. (241604)
  • Reports that contain the Assigned Date and Assigned To values for referrals display only the care team members who are on the client’s current care team on the date when the report is generated. (240925, TS001377423)
  • Errors occur if you create reports that include data related to Notes comments or Touchpoint comments. (235062)
  • Errors occur if you create reports that include data related to Touchpoints by program and Touchpoint comments. (240777)
  • When you create a report that contains either assessments or questionnaire data, inconsistent report data is generated, for example, some data is repeated and some data is missing. (240244)
  • If you create a report that contains notes data, the report shows only notes for clients who have an associated program. it does not display data for clients who have no associated program but who have at least one note. (239618)
  • The billing report fails if there are more than 1000 clients registered the instance of Merative Integrated Care. (239866)
  • Errors occur if you create reports using the Tasks or Coverage data sets that include Care Team data. (238020)
  • There is data missing from reports with care team data. (236097, TS001343312)
  • The reporting application is treating Allergy names as case sensitive, for example, when you generate a report of the number of clients with specific allergy types, allergy names in different cases are being considered as two different allergies. (224396)


Merative Integrated Care Connect Providers


  • If you change a date using the date picker, the cursor moves around the field in unexpected ways, for example if you change the day value, the cursor moves to the end of the year value. (241247)
  • The Configured Support Contact email is not displaying on the Connect Providers User Agreement. However, the Configured Support Contact phone number is displayed. To ensure that users can contact support, ensure that you configure a Support Contact phone number. (234127)


Merative Integrated Care Connect Individuals


  • Clients that have completed registration to use the Connect application can still access the application when they are deactivated in Merative Integrated Care. (218091)



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