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This document contains the Merative Integrated Care August release notes.






What's new for Notes

What's new for reporting

Known issues





Welcome to the August 2022 release of Merative Integrated Care. In this release, we added further views to the bring-your-own-tool reporting solution.


So that you can more easily identify the changes that will apply to your instance of Merative Integrated Care, updates are tagged as follows:


  • Merative Integrated Care - these updates are for all Merative Integrated Care customers.
  • Reporting - these items apply to all Merative Integrated Care customers using Merative Integrated Care Reporting.
  • Service Providers - these items apply to Merative Integrated Care customers with the Providers feature enabled.
  • Organization Units - these updates are for all Merative Integrated Care customers with Organization Units enabled.
  • Community Service Referral - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Community Service Referral add-on.
  • Community Service Payment - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Community Service Payment add-on.
  • Connect Providers - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Connect Providers add-on.
  • Connect Individuals - these items apply to customers who have licensed the Merative Integrated Care Connect Individual add-on.
  • Connect 360 - these items apply to customers who are integrated with the IBM Health and Human Services Connect 360 application.



What's new for Notes


Notes Highlights



In this release, the Notes Highlights feature in Merative Integrated Care is restored and available to use. This means that the Notes Highlights card on the client's Summary page and the separate Notes Highlights list page are now available. The Notes Highlights feature was temporarily turned off on May 30, 2022 so that the annotation engine behind Notes Highlights could be moved to a new location. (WHPOCWCMS-77814)



What's new for reporting


Bring your own tool



In this release, Merative Integrated Care reporting has continued to expand the views available in the BYOT reporting solution. We added the following views as part of this release: Notes, Note Comments, Touchpoints, Touchpoint Comments, Services, Service Goals, Service Barriers, Goal Progress Comments, Goal Team Actions, Goal Client Actions, Program Touchpoints, Program Client Actions, Program Team Actions, Program Goals and Program Barriers. For the full list of views that are available, see the Merative Integrated Care reporting data catalog here. (WHPOCWCMS-78313)



Known Issues


Merative Integrated Care


  • When you repeat an Assessment or Questionnaire with prefilling configured at the Assessment or Questionnaire level and the question level, and the prefilling criteria at the Assessment or Questionnaire level is set to True and at the question level is set to Use Assessment or Questionnaire configuration or Always prefill,  and you click Cancel to dismiss the repeat, a new "in progress" assessment or questionnaire record is incorrectly created. The incorrect "in progress" record is displayed the next time the Assessments list page is refreshed or when you manually refresh the Assessments list page. To correct the issue, delete the "in progress" assessment or questionnaire record and start the repeat again. (Legacy ID 276520, WHPOCWCMS-2841)
  • If you try to complete certain actions, for example, create a referral or assign a program, and you do not have access to the client, you cannot complete the action and no error message is displayed. If you are sure that you need access to the client, either request emergency access to the client or ask a care team member to add you to the client's care team. (Legacy ID 259832, WHPOCWCMS-2878)
  • If you edit a date data attribute for a client data type, and select Current Date Comparison, then Custom Message, and enter an incorrect message ID, the custom message fields are no longer visible. To see the fields, select None, then re-select Current Date Comparison and Custom Message. (Legacy ID 264393, WHPOCWCMS-2831)
  • When you configure a client data attribute to not use the default value, the value is still visible to care team members. As a workaround, care team members can delete the default value and enter another value. (Legacy ID 263255, WHPOCWCMS-2864)
  • When you configure an information message for a client data type cluster, the message is displayed twice. To avoid this, you can add a description to the data cluster instead of an information message. The description displays to care team members below the cluster title. (Legacy ID 263229, WHPOCWCMS-2900)
  • If you delete a data attribute from a client data type and that attribute was used in a duplicate validation, the validation is not automatically deleted. If you encounter this issue, you can manually delete the validation. (Legacy ID 264986, WHPOCWCMS-2944).
  • You can deactivate a client from your Unassigned Clients list. If you do and choose to close their client account, you encounter an error. You can proceed to deactivate the client without closing their account. However, if you do, the client will appear as deactivated in Merative Integrated Care but they still incorrectly retain access to their Connect Individuals account. On deactivation, a client shouldn't be able to access their Connect Individuals account. (Legacy ID 274018, WHPOCWCMS-2942)
  • In Tenant Administration, if a Non-Configurable data type is hidden, and it has an associated Summary card, this card is automatically hidden on the Default Client Summary view on the Care Team workspace. This card will not be automatically hidden on any role-based configurations that a customer has created. You can manually hide these cards on the role-based Configuration page in Tenant Administration. (Legacy ID 274115, WHPOCWCMS-3461)
  • In Tenant Administration, when editing an answer type for an assessment or a questionnaire, the previously configured answer types are not displayed in the answers cluster on the edit modal. (WHPOCWCMS-78808)




  • When a note is created in Draft or Ready to Review status, the first comment is missing from the full set of comments. (Legacy ID 276214, WHPOCWCMS-2710)




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