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Do you have a question about Merative Integrated Care Reporting? A list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers is available here.


What browsers are compatible with Reporting?


For a full list of supported browsers for Merative Integrated Care Reporting, see the Merative Integrated Care System Requirements.


What is the timeout period for the Reporting application?


By default, if you are inactive for 30 minutes, you will be signed out of your account. However, this period might be different for your organization. You can sign in again to continue working.


Tip: Ensure you regularly save your draft reports to avoid losing your work if you are signed out.


Where can I find the prebuilt reports?


The prebuilt Merative Integrated Care reports are available in the Reporting application.


  1. Click Team content > Merative Integrated Care. The reports are contained in the folders shown.
    Note: Only folders that you have valid authorization permissions to access are visible.
  2. Click one of the following folders:
  3. Click a report to run it.


How do I join two data sets together?


Select each data set, or data items in the data sets, and drag them onto your report. Ensure that one of the data sets is the primary data set in the folder. You must use the primary data set when you create reports that display data from multiple data sets.


For more information, see Data view. For more information about specific data sets, see Merative Integrated Care.


Why does my report have empty cells?


If data is not recorded in Merative Integrated Care, it does not appear in reports. For example, if you create and run a report that shows clients and their conditions, by default, your report shows clients with and without condition data.


To show only clients with specific data, apply the Exclude Null filter to the relevant column in your report.


Q. How do I add images to my report, such as my organization logo?


Important: Images that you add must be in .jpg or .gif format.


  1. Click the Toolbox icon, select Layout, drag the Image object to your report, then double-click it.
  2. In the Image URL text box, type the URL of an image.

    Tip: To add an image that is available on the web, open a browser in a new window and search for the image. Right-click it, then copy and paste its URL into the text box.

  3. Click OK.
  4. Optional: You can resize the image.
    1. Click the Show Properties icon.
    2. In Positioning > Size &overflow, specify the width. The height adjusts automatically.
    3. Click OK.


I want my report to show data based on a date range that a user selects. How do I do this?


You need to add a prompt page to your report that includes a Date prompt. For more information, see Build your own prompt and prompt page in the IBM Cognos Analytics documentation.


How do I schedule a report to run periodically?


You can schedule a report to run periodically, for example, every Friday at 9pm. Depending on your organization’s business needs, you might want to run a report at weekends, or at monthly intervals when demands on the system are low.


To schedule a report, see Schedule in this Cognos Analytics video tutorial: How to manage schedules and subscriptions. The video also demonstrates Subscriptions and Notifications. These features are also available in Merative Integrated Care Reporting.


Important: The procedure to schedule a report in Merative Integrated Care Reporting is the same as in the video, except for the following:


  • When you specify the schedule Period, in addition to choosing the report start and end date, you can choose a start and end time in Merative Integrated Care Reporting.
  • In Delivery, only the default Save option is supported in Merative Integrated Care Reporting. This option saves each report version. Print and Email delivery options are not supported.
  • In Prompts, it is not possible to store prompt values. The default Set values option cannot be changed in Merative Integrated Care Reporting. Prompt values are not supported.


Note: You may see other minor differences between the IBM Cognos Analytics user interface shown in the video and the Merative Integrated Care Reporting user interface. However, in general, the steps to schedule reports, and manage subscriptions and notifications are the same in the video and in Merative Integrated Care Reporting.


Who do I contact if I have support questions or I want to request an enhancement?


If you can’t find the answer to your question in the Merative Integrated Care documentation, Cognos Analytics 11.1.x documentation, or Cognos Analytics 11.1.x video tutorials, submit a case on the Merative Support Portal or reach out to your client executive.


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