Nidhi Thakkar

Analytics Consultant, Health Insights by Merative

Nidhi Thakkar is an Analytics Consultant who works primarily with health plans and government clients on preparing actionable analyses to improve upon the accessibility and affordability of healthcare for covered populations.

Her experience lies in healthcare business, finance, and patient care, which gives her the ability to reliably assess the intersection between clinical data and business outcomes. In her short time here, Nidhi has worked heavily on maternal outcomes analyses, behavioral health reporting, and a variety of other topics, ranging from GLP-1 usage to fraud, waste, and abuse of controlled substances.

Whether it be completing research on race and maternal outcomes, testing patients throughout the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, or working with large organizations on optimizing healthcare analytics, Nidhi remains committed to one goal: bettering the lives of patients through both large and small-scale actions that holistically improve healthcare in the United States.

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